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Saving Animals, Social Justice, and Poetry

This past weekend we met a wonderful young man named Douglass DeCandia who is581325560f991ebf379eabe0ac282db0 walking the walk when it comes to saving animals, ensuring sustainable agriculture, and working toward social justice. He manages small farms that grow fresh produce for hungry Westchester residents while also training at-risk kids and others how to grow good food. Doug also happens to be a damn fine poet.

Here from Doug:

Oh, silly bird,
you shouldn’t be here
here along this
speeding highway.

You look silly, you know?
…too big for this
little place.

Those giant wings stand out,
bowing to the wind
as they blow the dust from
our memories
of true beauty…

grace does

Silly how
easy you move
so slow
along this
speeding highway
of concrete and doubt.

You shouldn’t be here…

this is no place
for such

We are not ready
for this sweet violence
upon our pride.

Why have you stayed
and not gone with the others
back to the quiet corners
of rivers
and solitude?

…back to
the peace?

We do not

stubborn and stoic
like an honest winter
you refuse to leave these bones
and us alone
along this
great and lonely highway.

Oh, silly bird,
thank you.




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