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Today’s Titantic


California is undergoing an unprecedented drought. The State Water Project announced that starting this spring, they would not be sending any water from California’s reservoir system to any local agencies, something they have not had to do in their nearly 55 years in existence. That means 25 million people will feel the effect on their drinking water supply.Titanic-redo

One solution, of course, is to sink incredible amounts of American tax payer money into a “climate resilience” program as part of the administration’s annual budget request. The NY Times reported today that the president is seeking $100 million in livestock disaster assistance for California producers, $60 million for California food banks through the Agriculture Department’s Emergency Food Assistance Program and $3 million in emergency water assistance grants for rural communities.

Money won’t make it rain, though.

drought-getty_tx800 Another solution is to ask California residents to conserve their water usage. Shorten the showers, water the lawn less, don’t run the tap so long. Only problem with that is of the average American lifestyle fueled by nearly 2,000 gallons of water per day, only about 5% is for household use.

What Obama, Jerry Brown and the California State Water project are not talking about is meat. Professors from Stanford have stated that the amount of water used to produce one pound of beef ranges from 2,500 to as much as 6,000 gallons. A pound of pork requires about 1630 gallons, and a pound of chicken 815 gallons. In contrast, a pound of tomatoes takes 23 gallons, apples 35, and wheat 132 gallons.

In a world where an estimated one in every six people goes hungry every day, the politics of meat consumption are increasingly heated, since meat production is an inefficient use of grain — the grain is used more efficiently when consumed directly by humans. Continued growth in meat output is dependent on feeding grains to animals, creating competition for grain between affluent meat eaters and the world’s poor.” -Worldwatch Institute


The government doesn’t talk about this, politicians sure as hell don’t talk about it, the clergy is not talking about it, the Conservatives, the liberals, the 99% aren’t talking about it. The only people talking about the importance of a plant-based diet are animal advocates and vegans. And because they see the urgency in a true understanding of the environmental costs of meat consumption, and they’re waving their arms and screaming, “Wake up, folks!” they are considered too extreme for mainstream America.

They won’t be for long. California is the tip of the iceberg.

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