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Kaley – the rock star of TAFA 2016

TAFA 2016It’s always been hard for us to leave our rescue dog Kaley for any length of time. She’s a rather nervous girl and often won’t eat or even chew on her favorite bone when we’re away. And it’s hard for us to leave her with even the most responsible dog sitter. It would always remind me of when my husband dropped off our five-year-old son at Kindergarten for the first time. When my husband assured him that he would do just fine, the little guy clung to his leg and said, “But you don’t understand. No one here loves me.”

That’s our problem leaving Kaley. We know she’ll be fed, taken for walks, and petted. But she won’t be loved. Not the way we love her.  SO…

This year, we took her to the Taking Action for Animals Conference in Arlington, VA. Certain she would freak out at the crowds – at getting in an elevator – at walking along a busy city street. And she was a nervous dog, no question. But TAFA is a conference filled with people who appreciate, work for, and love  animals.  And Kaley was a rock star. She’s coming with us from now on.

Kaley at Tafa



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  1. It was great to see you and Kaley at TAFA. She must have felt the love and good hearts of the animal advocates at the conference!

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