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When I was eleven, living with my family in Brooklyn, I decided to become a writer. Thus began my first career as founder and chief editor of the family newspaper. Once a week I broke major stories about fights between my seven siblings, the babysitter’s new boyfriend, or the occasional roller skating incident.

Feeling constrained by my too-local beat, I decided to go regional and traipsed down to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, pad in hand, to “interview” dock workers. Why not? From the Brooklyn Promenade I could see them unloading the merchant ships and it looked like they might have some good stories to tell. A few actually spoke to the serious bespectacled girl wearing knee socks and loafers, but when my parents read that week’s edition, they put an end to my journalistic travels.

My careers have since diverged – a few times, actually. Pursuing an acting and singing career, I was cast in the original production of Godspell, and had the good fortune to sing the iconic song “Day By Day” on the original cast album and in the movie. Below is a sneak peak.

 On Broadway, I also performed the role of Sandy in Grease.  

And sang James Taylor’s incredible song “Millwork” in the original production of Working.

I went to become a private investigator, often going undercover to ferret out the sellers and manufacturers of counterfeit goods. Then, after law school, I became a prosecutor in Westchester County, NY.

Phew! Now I am a novelist and have tried to weave my diverse careers together in suspense novels – from early journalistic desires to the darker sides of law enforcement. More recently, I became aware of the wonder of animals – their amazing survival skills, intricate communication, and the emotional bond they form with humans and with each other. At the same time, I began to see clearly how these innocent and voiceless creatures are so often abused for the sake of entertainment, fashion, food, and sport.

It has been this growing awareness that inspired The Kinship Series and its protagonist Jude Brannock.