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If Thy Right Hand

If Thy Right HandWhen her autistic son is accused of abusing two young boys, an impassioned prosecutor’s world falls apart. She becomes caught between his claim of innocence and her lifelong dedication to putting sex offenders behind bars. Things take a deadly turn when Ilene Hart discovers that someone is killing sex offenders with a biblical sense of retribution.  In her pursuit to keep her son from becoming the next victim, she must confront her misperceptions about herself, her children, and the sometimes cloudy line between abuser and abused.


* Winner of the Gold Medal, 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards *

* Named Suspense Magazine’s Best of 2011 *

“Lamont has treated a painful and difficult subject within the context of an enthralling mystery. A superb first novel.” – Suspense Magazine


“This is a splendid debut novel from a promising author.” Mystery Tribune


“A page-turner presented with great skill.” – Martin Rowe, Publisher, Lantern Books


“Exploring the volatile treatment of sex offenders vs. society and the real-time challenges of Asperger’s Syndrome, Lamont carves a coherent and thoughtful path through often emotionally loaded territory with a bounty of relevant material — a thoughtful balance of crime and punishment.” – Luan Gaines, Contributing Editor, Curled up With a Good Book