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Wright for America

Wright For AmericaPryor Wright’s ultra-conservative radio show has millions of devout fans who are sure that the slurs and wild accusations fired at the liberal left prove him a true patriot.  But when his venomous rantings catch Maren Garrity’s twin brother in the crossfire, the struggling actress pursues her own style of justice and enlists a troupe of fellow unemployed actors to teach Wright just how powerful words can be.


“Snappy dialogue and a madcap pace propel this lighthearted caper… Lamont who has performed on Broadway and worked as an assistant district attorney, clearly knows the territory, and her fast-paced high enjoyable novel is all the better for it.” Publishers Weekly


“For anyone who has ever longed to see one of those hatemongering, rightwing blowhards get their comeuppance, Robin Lamont’s Wright for America is that revenge fantasy come to print. The author has crafted a delightful, if at times wacky, tale that will leave her audience with a satisfied smile on their faces.” –ForeWord Review


“What a find! Too many characters will be familiar to us wonks, but it makes it all that more fun. Ever want to see the bloviating bubble busted? Step Wright up.” – Political Carnival


“Wright for America is a political satire that hits home, especially in today’s world, where political and moral lines seem so starkly drawn in the sand… Robin Lamont, who also has been a private investigator, prosecutor, and actress, draws on her own background to create three-dimensional, realistic characters… destined to win awards with its blend of satire and the belief by so-called political commentators that they can say whatever nonsense they want, without being held culpable for their words when others are influenced by them. Check out Wright for America today!” – 


“Filled with irony, humor, sarcasm, truth, events that could really happen…  this is a great book that will remind you how powerful the media is and the damage some do just by turning on their mikes.” – Fran Lewis, The Book Marketing Network.