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The Kinship Series

Wherever an animal’s worth is measured in pounds … wherever the cages are rusted and hope is lost … where beauty and wonder are reduced to wall trophies … Jude Brannock and The Kinship will be there to fight for the voiceless … the vanishing.

Today the animal world is under attack. Pigs, cows, and chickens are treated featured2 like unfeeling objects in our assembly lines of food. Wild life habitats are being destroyed. Elephant poachers thrive. Wolves, bison, and foxes are being hunted into extinction. Unnecessary animal testing is driven by outdated science and the inertia of tax-payer money. Countless animals are bred, raised, and killed for fashion, entertainment and sport.

Before becoming a novelist, I worked as a private investigator – some of the time undercover – exposing the manufacturers and sellers of counterfeit product. I then moved on to become an Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting those who committed crimes.

Yet the unnoticed and senseless crimes against the remarkable creatures with whom we share this planet cry out for someone to fight for them. It has been this conviction that inspired The Kinship Series.

I am grateful to the real animal welfare investigators and the growing number of passionate advocates who, like Jude Brannock and The Kinship, work tirelessly to shine a light on and fight against institutionalized animal cruelty.

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