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The Trap

theTrap_3DBook #2 in The Kinship Series.  Jude’s search for the killer of a Wildlife Services trapper takes her undercover where she collides with a government agency that is methodically destroying the wildlife she is determined to protect.

“A riveting new eco-thriller about USDA’s Wildlife Services” – Tom Knudson, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Center for Investigative Reporting


“The Trap is not only an engrossing page turner eco-thriller, but it is a carefully researched and meticulously accurate portrayal of the USDA’S “Wildlife Services” predator control program … Lamont leaves us with hope that with further exposure, this agency and it’s unconscionable treatment of North America’s wildlife can be changed.” – Camilla Fox, Founder and Executive Director, Project Coyote


“The twists in the plot will leave you both shocked and hopeful.” – Paul Shapiro, Vice President Farm Animal Proection, HSUS

The Trap was set in motion by a story told to me by Anja Heister of In Defense of Animals. She and her partner were cross-country skiing one day and spotted a marten caught in a brutal neck snare. The marten was still alive, and after a struggle they were able to save her. They watched as the marten ran to freedom, but not before stopping and turning back to look at them – as if to say thank you.


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